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"saving wines from a life of obscurity..."

"Kennedy is taking some of the finest varietal wines and saving them from a life of obscurity in a blend."

Forbes Magazine, in our Forbes 30 Under 30 list award for 2017


wines with answers.

"As a sommelier, i always wanted to know: what do the components of these blends offer? what characteristics do they each add? with component, we answer those questions."


"smooth, scented and seamless..."

"Former super-somm Michael Hill Kennedy II, who managed wine programs for the Ritz Carlton restaurants in the Cayman Islands, founded this company in Napa in 2016. Most top reds in Napa are blends; Kennedy is a boutique negociant sourcing individual components of posh, cult brands and bottling them as 100 percent varietals. This one [2014 Cabernet Franc] is smooth, scented, and seamless." 

Bloomberg's Elin McCoy


"pure, exuberant with varietal precision..."


"Pure, exuberant with varietal precision..."

“The wines are pure, exuberant with varietal precision. I think these wines will open the minds of consumers to the classic Bordeaux grape varieties. With bottle age, they will gain complexity and reveal their nuances.” 

Rajat Parr, James Beard Award winning Sommelier


the grapes do the talking. 

each vineyard & varietal have a story to tell, which we believe can best be told on its own, apart from the blend.